The Copper Llama Instructors

Vickie Maslanka

I became interested in fiber arts over 13 years ago when I became an 18th century reenactor.  I learned how to use a spinning wheel and fell in love with it  along with the animals that produced fiber.  Soon after, I dove in to weaving.  The more I learned about fiber and the fiber arts the more I wanted learn it ALL.    In 2007 I started needle felting and began making felted pictures along with 3D felted objects.  This past year I learned how to knit at The Copper Llama, and have enjoyed it immensely. Through it all, my wonderful husband and 2 sons have supported and encouraged me in my love for the fiber arts.



Joyce Peterson

"She is a treasure and her classes are beyond measure."

Please e-mail Kathy for more information about this wonderful Instructor.



Kathy Krause

Owner of The Copper Llama

My husband and I started the family’s llama farm, Pine Knoll Llamas in New London, back in 1988 and moved it to Clintonville in 1994. My passion for fiber started with a llama outing where I saw llama fiber being combed. An “internal switch” was flipped on that changed my life forever!  I LOVE shearing my own llamas and processing my own wools/fibers. I love every aspect of wool and all levels of processing, there’s no greater joy than to take a fleece and to work with it to see the finished product. I am one of the founders of “fiber thing”, an event that was held annually in Shawano and still remains a committee member of the current “fiber thing” event now called “Winter Weekend Warm-up”.  In 2010 we opened The Copper Llama, llc…

and now life is REALLY exciting!

Jo Rehbein

I am retired and living on a hobby farm outside of Clintonville, WI. The fiber critters include, but are not limited to, 6 alpacas, 3 Babydoll Sheep and 2 Angora goats.

My grandma taught me how to knit when I was 11 years old.  I picked it up again in college and then again in 1989 when I met Cheryl Busha, the 1st owner of Yarns by Design in Neenah, WI and have been knitting since.  I also enjoy weaving and spinning.